About Northern Grounding
About Northern Grounding

About Northern Grounding

Northern Grounding was established in 2007 to build an engineering team  of Engineers, Technicians, and Designers offering a full range of Engineering Services for Grounding Studies, AC Mitigation and Electrical Interference Studies, as well as Cathodic Protection Studies, Soil Testing and Ground Impedance Testing.

We have over 30 years of industry experience in Engineering Design, Planning, Cost Estimation, Cost Control, and Project Co-ordination, allowing us to respond to each clients’ unique needs, and deliver solutions meeting the most demanding industry requirements.

We build a team around our clients’ needs for every project, with a reputation of working cooperatively with our clients to execute challenging brownfield and greenfield projects safely, on time, on budget, while maintaining industry and client quality standards.

A Commitment To Safety

We work tirelessly to provide technically sound, practical solutions that ensure these systems perform as designed and operate safely and reliably. From the big picture, to the smallest detail, we create superior client experiences. We plan every project thoroughly, with emphasis on productivity and results at all stages while never sacrificing safety. Our policies and procedures are developed to meet or exceed all applicable legislation and all client safety programs… We ensure all workers go home safe every night.

What We Do

When overhead AC powerlines and metallic pipelines are close to each other, high AC voltages can arise on the pipeline metal due to coupling to the powerline. These voltages can present health hazards to workers and the general public. In extreme cases, the integrity of pipeline coatings and metallic walls can be affected. Our company specializes in the computer modelling of these situations as well as the design and installation of required mitigation and grounding measures.

We are Professional


We offer Professional Engineering design services throughout BC, AB, SK, and MB.

We are Technical


Employ the use of high-end software for developing models and calculations for complex electrical studies.

We are Creative


We offer full 3D modelling and 2D design and drafting services.

We are On-Time


Our team has a passion for innovation and efficiency. Through our collective knowledge and experience, we get the job done right, and on time.

We are Thorough

Project Services

From concept to design, we provide solutions for every step of the way.

We are Trusted

Team Members

Our success is built on trust – our clients, teammates, and the people our projects affect need us to be a responsible partner who minimizes risks.

Creditable Integrity

We cultivate talent and encourage
creative innovation.

Effective Team Work

With our clients and subcontractors, we
bring the best solutions to every project.

Quality Assurance

We provide the best in product quality
and Engineering Solutions.

Customer Service

Our success is derived by providing exceptional
levels of service to our customers.