Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection is an electrochemical means of corrosion control in which the oxidation reaction in a galvanic cell is concentrated at the anode and suppresses corrosion of the cathode in the same cell. The steel pipeline or structure, is cathodically protected by its connection to a sacrificial magnesium anode buried in the same soil electrolyte.

For larger facilities such as storage tanks or pipelines, even application of cathodic protection current becomes an issue. Northern Grounding uses specialized design tools to assess the spread of current on tank bottoms, pipelines and complex interconnected piping systems.

Some of our projects include, Cathodic Protection design and installation for the ATCO Pipelines Inland Relocation project. Cathodic Protection design for the Noel Gas Gathering system belonging to BP Canada Energy Company. Design and installation of cathodic protection systems for steel waterlines and fittings on the Lamont Water Reservoir project.